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CASDDA was born from a dream, from the union of a vision and a passion...

In a world torn by natural disasters, by discrimination and misunderstandings, we must stand up and give a hand, a smile, we must bring a little hope, a little love, a little help, and show the world that we are one.


Dogs, the kindest creatures God ever offered to humanity, were our passion. So they became our tools. With us and for us all, they train and work by day and by night, in the freezing cold and under the suffocating heat. They learn to recognize the human scent of those buried deep under rubble, under snow, they seek the one lost in the woods or fallen off a cliff. They travel across the world to offer their help whenever and wherever. No wind, no vibration of the earth, no language, no religion, no culture will stop them. They are there for you, reliable, loyal, whoever you are, wherever you are... “So you can live...”


remains operational

and ready to deploy

locally, nationally

and internatonally

under the Pandemic

Deployment Policy

published by

the United Nations'



CASDDA is an educational and charitable Not-For-Profit association

composed of unpaid professionals.

As a member of the IRO, a partner to the United Nations, CASDDA is able

to answer calls from family members, any individual in charge of an

ongoing search, and from relevant agencies and authorities.

Our Team is certified in wilderness, disaster and water searches, and

deploys for live and deceased victims.

CASDDA does not self-certify nor certify under friends or relations but

strictly under trained and certified International K-9 Search and Rescue

Judges assigned by the IRO.


In addition to its Search capacity, CASDDA includes an USAR Team and a Medical Team.

CASDDA imposes very strict requirements on its members whose

commitment and dedication are to be commended.


This website is as much an introduction to our association as it is a tribute to our members and their K-9 partners.


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