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About us



CASDDA’s mandate is to provide communities and/or relevant authorities, locally, nationally and internationally, with certified teams for the search and the rescue of survivors or the recovery of deceased victims, who are lost in the wilderness or trapped in disaster areas.  Our teams are also trained for the search and recovery of drowning victims.

All our services are provided free of charge




Our mandate requires the extreme dedication of our members who train long hours every week, in cold and hot weather. They are willing to leave their personal and professional lives on a phone call’s notice, often suffering loss of wages.


In order to better serve its mandate, CASDDA has set very high goals in its training requirements and will seek every opportunity to learn and train. This means that not only will our members meet locally several times each week to train themselves and their K-9 Partners, but they will also go wherever needed to pursue further training amongst those more knowledgeable or more specialized in a particular field.

We are unpaid professionals
“One trained dog equals 60 search-and-rescue workers.”
― Charles Stoehr


Our mandate requires very special dogs able to perform their duties in a variety of situations.  They are trained to air scent and therefore, unlike the dog who has learned to track, they are not affected by contamination and will work in areas where many people or animals have been.  In this sense, our dogs do not duplicate the work of a Police Dog for example but offer a complementary type of search.


Our dogs are social, active, independent, courageous and problem solvers.  They are expected to run in the most difficult terrains, to climb the most challenging rubble, to swim in cold and dirty waters, to climb ladders, to rappel along broken walls and down steep cliffs … They withstand noise, bright lights, crowds, storms, deep snow, strong sun and wet days. They will learn to stop for nothing, to pursue every human scent in the search of those needing to be found.  They are our pets at home and our Partners at work.  They are Heroes!

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