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Code of Conduct


Every dispatching Member is a representative of CASDDA, of the IRO, of our Tasking Agencies, and ultimately of Canada.  Any violation of principles or displays of adverse behavior will discredit all mentioned above, as well as undermine the effort of every USAR team in general.

This Code of Conduct defines the rules governing the behavior of CASDDA Members. All mobilizing Members must be prepared, before deployment, regarding conduct expectations. The Team Leaders will reinforce this Code of Conduct during all phases of the mission. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of each CASDDA Member to abide by this Code of Conduct.


  All CASDDA Members shall:

  1. Respect the value of life and the welfare of victims;

  2. Be aware of and abide by the demands of cultural differences in all areas including race, religion, gender, customs and politics;

  3. Respect the affected Country and their people;

  4. Be conscious of the fact that we are there to help and not to take over;

  5. Follow the Chain of Command;

  6. Show respect toward their Leaders, their fellow Team Members, other USAR Colleagues and Aid Workers; 

  7. Emphasize to others the team effort and success, and never an individual K-9, handler or Team Member; 

  8. Follow CASDDA management direction regarding dress code and personal protective equipment; 

  9. Abide by all CASDDA regulations and practices;

  10. Follow strictly the INSARAG Guidelines;

  11. Ensure at all times the welfare of their K-9 partners;

  12. Follow CASDDA management directions regarding the safety and welfare of their K-9 Partners; 

  13. Ensure that their K-9 Partners are kept under control at all time;

  14. Demonstrate respect for public and private property;

  15. Procure equipment or services only through appropriate channels;

  16. Not use nor request usage of equipment other than CASDDA’s Equipment;

  17. Not steal;

  18. Not engage in any gossip or actions harmful to the Team or Team Members;

  19. Not be in possession of nor use illegally any type of firearms;

  20. Not possess nor use alcohol during Team activities or while in Uniform: 

  21. Not possess nor use cannabis or illegal drugs;

  22. Not accept gratuities;

  23. Not take personal advantage of any situation;

  24. Leave no trace. 

Last Revision: 2013

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